Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Thrifty tips just aren't worth it...

     I hesitate to post this on my blog as it creates the possibility that people will be looking at me funny for the next couple days.  However, I figure if I can't laugh at my own mistakes then I am taking life too seriously.

    My husband is self-employed and work has been slow as of late.  Since his job tends to to run in cycles I like to try and be thrifty.  I also believe that resourcefulness is a character quality and that God wouldn't want us to be wasteful.  So, from time to time I try a new thrifty tip that I have found somewhere.  A few of these things I have found useful and still continue to do.  However, this week I found one that I will not attempt again.

     It all started when I saw a book in a bookstore on being thrifty and decided to check it out from the library (the library is my attempt at saving money, though since I am forgetful I tend to end up with fines, which I think is till cheaper than buying the book).  It did have some interesting tips in it, though most of them I had heard before.  One of their tips involved cutting your own bangs.  There was a "special trick" to keeping them even. 

     Since my bangs were starting to get a bit long I thought this might buy me a couple more weeks before I had to go get a haircut.  Truth be told I should have known better because in the past I have tried to cut my boys' hair and it did not work well.  The difference is I can give them a buzz cut if I mess up.  The"trick" involves twisting your bangs together and then cutting straight across.   Now whether it was the tip itself or I just screwed it up (which is possible) I don't know, but my bangs did not come out evenly.   I evened them up enough that it isn't very noticeable, but if you look closely enough you can see that they aren't even.  

    My husband said he didn't notice, neither did my boys, but men tend to overlook little details like that, so that may not mean anything.  In the long run this is not the worst hair problem that I've ever had.  (I've had two fairly bad experiences, both of which I paid money for).   Overall I learned something which I already knew about myself, that I should never cut my own hair.   I also will not feel guilty for going to the stylist anymore since I know that this is something that I cannot do myself.    One of the pluses of being thrifty is knowing what is worth paying for and what isn't.  

    I have found some things that do save me money in the long run, that I am both good at and I don't find to be an inconvenience.   I am hoping that I will find some more this summer as I have in mind a few things that I would like to try, but we'll see they could end up not working so well either.   Maybe by the end of summer I can add to the list of thrifty things that are worth doing (at least for me) and share it with all of you.  In the meantime stay tuned there are liable to be more funny stories to share.  In case you're hoping for something really exciting don't hold your breath, my husband is a carpenter (who specializes in remodeling) and therefore I don't attempt to fix anything in my own  house.  I am confident that i could figure out how to do a couple things, but I don't think that my husband could survive the few failed attempts that I am certain would occur.

    If you have a thrifty tip that works for you please share, maybe I can try it and add to my list, or at least give you a laugh.

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  1. stopping by from the NOBH. Brave of you to try to cut your own hair:) I save money by only going to the hair dresser 2X a year. But I wouldn't recommend that approach either:(.