Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blogging and sending emails in my head...

     I thought that having a blog would be so great because then I could put some of these thoughts and  wacky conversations  I have with myself down on "paper".  Ahh...imagine all the free space there would be in my mind if I could get rid of some of these words.  Sadly I have discovered that even though I have so much to say I have very little time to say it.  It's not as though I am surprised since I am homeschooling 6 children, but I really envisioned that in the evening there would be so many words ready to pour out of me that I would just have to sit down and blog. 

     What has been surprising is that I come up with some really great things I could blog about and I am super excited about them, but by the time I sit down at the computer I have forgotten everything.  That is sad since some of them are funny and well-written, at least in my mind.

    The only relief I have found in all of this is that it isn't just happening to me, and it doesn't just happen with my blog.  There are many times that I am certain that I have sent an email to someone, only they have never received it.  As it turns out, I have never sent it, I just thought about it in my mind.  I composed it, knew what I was going to say and then never said it.  This happens to my other friends as well, which makes me feel a little less scatterbrained, or at least at home with the other zany moms who do this.   I don't think this happens to men since their brain is more focused than ours and cannot entertain multiple trains of thought like we can.  When my husband is cooking dinner, he is thinking about cooking dinner while I am thinking of the email I need to send, the playdate I need to plan or the blog I am going to write later (which probably never gets written).

     So,  instead of whatever interesting topic I thought of yesterday this is the post that all of you get to read today.  I promise the blogs I write in my head are full of all the little tidbits I would love to share, and some days you will get to read those ones too, at least I hope so. 

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