Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Miracle Worker...

   We had an interesting experience this weekend.  I was hoping to share it in The Homeschool Mother's Journal, but because of graduation celebrations we attended this weekend I didn't have time to blog and link up there in time.  However, this experience is worth a blog post all it's own, just for the sheer unlikelihood of this ever happening again.

   Friday night it just so happened that all 6 of our children were gone at the same time.  Now, this does happen, but only when I plan it.  Friday night it happened by coincidence.  You might think this is the miracle that I address in the title, but it's not. 

    I was gone about 30 minutes dropping everyone off at the places they needed to be.  I was waiting for my husband to get home so that we could go for a quick dinner before we had to start picking everyone up.  While I was waiting I went to put something away in my daughter's room.   I was admiring how clean it was (this is a mini-miracle...we require her room to be cleaned and vacuumed once a week, so it is usually clean for a few hours on Thursday).  It was Friday and my daughter's room was still clean.  She had moved some of her knick-knacks around and I was trying to figure out where she had moved her fish to.  Her beta fish lives in a small tank on her dresser.  I couldn't seem to find him anywhere when I noticed that the tank was laying on the floor.  The cat tends to drink from the tank, so I thought perhaps she had knocked it over.    I am dreading telling my daughter that something happened to her fish and wondering how long it's going to take me to find the fish in her room.  (We lost one of my son's toads once and it took us several days to find him---yuck!). 

   To my amazement this is what I found

In the bottom of my daughter's clothes hamper is a small amount of water and her beta fish (the white square is the top of the fish's broken tank).    The miracle here is that my daughter had no dirty clothes, they were all in the wash, and that she had put her hamper back where it goes.  Any other day or week the poor fish would have been toast.  

   There were a couple lessons here.  For one the fact that she had put everything in it's place saved the fish's life.  For another had she closed her door the tank never would have been knocked over.  But really the whole incident is a fluke, and had it happened any other time the outcome would have been very different. 

    So, we call it a miracle here.  The fish got a second life (and a new bowl), and my daughter got the gracious gift of not losing something special to her (even if it is just a fish).  It reminded me that God often orchestrates such small events as a reminder that He is in control of this universe.  I certainly think that there are many other important things He is doing with His time, but I also believe He wants us to know that the little details of our lives matter to Him.  Every little prayer He answers is just more proof that He is capable of doing what we ask (and some things that we don't).   He doesn't have to answer our prayers and He doesn't have to prove His faithfulness, but He does.

    Honestly it makes me think of the verses in Matthew 6 that talk about how the birds of the air neither sow nor reap and yet our heavenly Father feeds them.  This week we are thankful that He chose to protect something as small as my daughter's fish.

     Normally that would be the end of the post, but being a cat lover I want to make sure that I end with a proclamation of the cat's innocence.  As it turns out the dog put his big old paws up on the dresser to get to the small container of fish food and knocked the fish tank over.  He then ate all the fish food (as well as spilled it into a laundry basket of clean clothes) and in typical dog fashion looked guilty and immediately wanted to be let outside when I came home.  Now mind you he looked guilty before I even discovered the fish, but he did have the decency to look guilty, thus ensuring that we couldn't stay mad at him.  However, we have decided to put the fish food in a safer place.   



  1. WOW that is an amazing story and interesting! So glad the fish survived! God does take care of everything, doesn't He :) Thank you for linking up to NOBH! :) Have a blessed day!

  2. What a great story! We had an accident with a Beta fish that didn't turn out as well :( I am glad for your daughter that she still has her fish and learned a lesson or two! :)

  3. Mary, sorry to hear that you lost your beta. A fish is just a fish, but funny how we can get attached to the littlest things.

    Tracy, I love to see God at work even in the smallest things, thanks for your comment,