Friday, July 29, 2011

No time for priorities....

   I can hardly believe that it's been more than 2 weeks since I made a goal to blog everyday..and guess what?  I have only blogged 4 times since I made that goal for myself. 

   The other thing I can hardly believe is that my summer is nearly over and I am not going to get much done after all.  I had a list of goals and a plan, but nothing worked out the way I planned it.  The one thing I forgot to include in my plan was that my kids take up a lot of my time even when school isn't in session.  When summer finally arrives after working so hard at school for 9 months it feels like I have oodles of free time, but that gets eaten up rather quickly once the kids start adding activities to it.  And me too, there are some things this summer I didn't plan on doing that fell into my schedule and ate it up.

   I am a big believer that we make time for the things that are important to us.  That can be very convicting on the days that I just waste time (and thanks to Facebook and email those days are out there).  But what is frustrating to me is that some days I actually did get all my scrapbooking stuff out only to get nothing done on my scrapbook.  Or I managed to get a few stitches into the blanket I am still trying to finish, but that was it.  It makes me feel like I can't accomplish anything that's important to me.

    But then I remember the reason for so many of the things that interrupt my "important" projects.  Things like swimming with friends instead of hanging out at home.  Things like driving kids to lessons and activities.  Things like weeding my garden and cleaning.

   As it turns out the things that interrupt so many of my projects are actually my priorities.  God has given me a home, a family and friends.  Cultivating and managing those things take up valuable time, but they take up valuable time because they are valuable things.   Running a household with 6 children is no small task.  Making my husband feel loved and cherished instead of doing a project is indeed a worthy goal.  My friends fill my life and I need them, and sometimes they need me. 

   As I look back on it I think my summer goals were a bit misplaced.  I did want to use the extra hours I had to catch up on some things.  That is a worthy goal.  Honestly, sometimes it is hard to focus when there are so many unfinished projects hanging over my head.  Having a few things off the table would make my next school year run smoother.  And honestly a few of those projects, if finished make my kids feel special.  Scrapbooking takes time, but I know that for my kids being able to sit down and see their life in pictures not only helps them remember--it also makes them feel important that I want to document their life.  If I did manage to finish my son's baby blanket this summer he would also feel special. 

   But still I know my son would prefer that we go to the park than that we sit at home so I can cross-stitch.  I know my kids would rather go to the pool than watch me scrapbook, after all there are no pictures to put in the scrapbook if we never go anywhere. 

   When I think of my summer this way I don't feel cranky at all.  I feel like there were some things I accomplished.  Actually everyday I manage my home and provide love for my kids is a day that I have done something worthwhile, even if it feels like nothing.  My kids had some wonderful experiences this summer that they wouldn't have had if I wasn't willing to drive them there (or make arrangements for them to get there). 

   I think when I sit down to make my school-year goals next week I will put the people first and the projects last. Then that will help me remember that  I do actually have time for my priorities...I just have to remember what they are.

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