Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal 7/17/11

In my life this week...

    Well, I vowed to blog everyday for the next month, which is already not working since we ended up having a couple of days that were busier than I expected.  I wanted to blog every day because I have been putting it off and then it isn't getting done at all, however Friday and Saturday were days that I don't think a supermom could've blogged on. 

  I did, however, manage to make some headway on some of my summer "to-do's" as several of my other homeschool mom friends did (both in real life and in the blogosphere).  Perhaps we are all feeling the time crunch.  This week I did 10 scrapbook pages and made 3 batches of laundry detergent.  Two of the batches were powder (which only takes about 10 minutes and doesn't last as long), but with that I am hoping that we will be well into January before I have to make any more.  I tried a different soap this time and I am liking it much better.

I am inspired by...

   In church today one of our pastors preached about earth being our temporary home and looking forward to heaven.  It was both a good reminder to not get so caught up in all the little details I have to manage here, but also a reminder that someday we all die, and there are some things I need to tell those I love (and people I don't get along with either for that matter)

I'm grateful for...

    This week I had 3 of my kids out of town (camp, missions trip, visiting family) and my mom took one for a whole week to help him do some work around her house.  So I was thankful for friends who took my other two children to do fun things and just hang out with their families.  I love it when other people give my child an experience I wouldn't have been able to, and I appreciate the perspective it gives my kids to be around other families.  I was thankful for a couple afternoons without kids, but I also find that when I spend too much time by myself it makes me more resentful of all the things I have to do when my "real life" returns.  Guess that's something I need to work on.

Questions or Thoughts I Have...

   Several things, some of which I am just going to have to wrestle with myself.  For one thing I am trying to decide which activities are the better choices for us in the fall and I am having trouble making up my mind.  

    Secondly, I am having trouble getting some graphics to show up in the blog posts themselves.  I am not sure how to fix that, but I am hoping to figure that out this week.

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  1. It is hard sometimes not to get caught up in all the little things in this world. But we really do need to remember that we are not going to be here forever. Thanks for the reminder.