Friday, June 3, 2011

So much to learn....

   Really I started blogging because I have millions of thoughts running through my head, which usually ends up with me talking to myself in public places.  I needed somewhere to share what is going on with my life.  Hopefully so other homeschool moms can say, "I know exactly what you're talking about," or "Here's what I did..."    And I must confess the people who live in my house are tired of listening to me all the time, so I was hoping there would be someone out there in "webland" or "blogland" who might show some interest in what I had to say.  If not then I can just going on talking to myself, or my cat since that seems to have kept me at least partially sane the last 14 years of motherhood.

   What amazes me is how little I know about blogging.  I have been visiting other blogs and I am so amazed at what some of these pages look like.  It's almost like the first time that I visited a homeschool much curriculum I wanted to use it all.   This blogging journey is similar in some ways.  It's overwhelming to think of all that lies ahead and all that I must learn if I want to keep doing this.  It's also exciting to think of all the cool things that could happen and all the benefits there could be from getting to connect with other bloggers and homeschool moms.  It's also a bit nervewracking (my spell check this isn't a word no matter how I spell it)  to think of the many ways that I am probably going to screw this up a few times before I get it right.  I only say that because I have had some missteps in homeschooling.  (I don't consider them failures since I have either fixed them, or I'm still working on them.)  The difference is that blogging is a little more public than homeschooling, so there is the possibility that more people will be involved to see me screw up.  However, since I suspect that most of them will be moms I am pretty sure they will be forgiving since most of us have discovered (and felt guilty about the fact) that you can't be as perfect of a mom as you thought you could be.  

    So, here I start this new journey and hope that I will enjoy it as much as I enjoy homeschooling.  The only dilemma I now have (besides figuring everything out) is that I am so excited that I am wanting to take summer break early so that I can work on my blog.  While I am sure my kids would love this, I would regret that come August when I have to catch up on the few things we actually needed to finish.


  1. You should let the kids have a blog and count it as English and Technology!

  2. Carrie
    I did think about that, but with 6 of them around here there is hardly enough time for all of us to get on the computer as it is...and I'm not sure that I want everyone to have their own laptop.